A Vintage Company Relaunched

The Original Squeeg's Hot Rod Connection

Hot Rod Connection Showroom from early 80’s

Squeeg’s Hot Rod Connection was originally created in the early eighties by Squeeg and good friend Daryl. The idea was to have the West coast’s largest hot rod shopping mart. Now
Vintage Squeeg's Logo & Trailer

Vintage Hot Rod Connection Trailer

being relaunched by the next generation of partners, headed by Doug and Jason. The goal is to create and market their own design of parts and also carry a wide variety of other manufacturers at a lower price. Even the logo harkens back to the original Squeeg’s Hot Rod Connection design but has been modernized to reflect the company’s use of modern production techniques. The older logo was one rainbow of colors with a singular hot rod outline, while the new logo is actually six different hot rod styles, each with a unique color associated with it.

Hot Rod Connection Early Ad

Original Ad From Early 80’s

While Squeeg’s Hot Rod Connection may have been dormant for some time, the Squeeg’s name has been prominently associated with quality for many, many years. Established in 1964 Squeeg’s Kustoms is well known for building some of the countries most incredible hot rods & customs. Over the years the crew at Squeeg’s has built many different one off turn-key cars with a number of unusual & different one off custom parts. Now with the introduction of Squeeg’s Hot Rod Connection we will be introducing and making available these parts to the public.

Squeeg's Hot Rod Connection Old Ad Parts Lineup

Early 80’s Print Ad

The initial launch of products will range from Squeeg’s industry leading epoxy primer filler, its epoxy suede finish coat product which is available now in 19 colors, Squeeg’s breakthrough plug wire mounts & separators, a huge range of men’s and women’s apparel, extremely unique anodized iPhone cases, 3 spoke steering wheels, color block sanders, a weld-in frame bulkhead, T6 aluminum ferrules, an A/C heater hose separator, steering hub adaptors, and a bulkhead mount system with many more exciting products soon to follow. Squeeg’s Hot Rod Connection parts are also proudly MADE IN THE USA! The quality of both the products and service provided by Squeeg’s will be first rate. Browse through our catalog of parts and place your orders directly online through our framed, secure PayPal shopping cart.